Statement on Behalf of China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States

We thank the Director General for his report on the “Implementation of the NPT Safeguards and relevant provisions of UN Security Council Resolutions 1737, 1747, 1803, and 1835 in the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

We reaffirm our unity of purpose and strong support for the Agency. We applaud the Secretariat for the professionalism and impartiality with which it has pursued its verification mission and reaffirm that the IAEA plays an essential role in establishing confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program.

We call upon Iran to meet without delay the requirements of the IAEA Board of Governors and to implement the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

We note the serious concern expressed in the Director General’s report and in his introductory statement to this Board about the continued lack of progress in connection with remaining issues which give rise to concerns about possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program. In this regard, we call on Iran to cooperate fully with the IAEA by providing the Agency such access and information that it requests to resolve these issues.

We further call upon Iran to implement and ratify promptly the Additional Protocol and to implement all measures required by the Agency in order to build confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program.

We remain firmly committed to a comprehensive diplomatic solution, including through direct dialogue, and urge Iran to take this opportunity for engagement with us and thereby maximize opportunities for a negotiated way forward.