IAEA Safeguards Implementation Report

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, June 7-11, 2010 Agenda Item 6a: The Safeguards Implementation Report for 2009 (GOV/2010/25)

U.S. Statement

Ambassador Glyn Davies

Permanent Representative of the United States to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations Office in Vienna

Mr. Chairman,

The United States welcomes the Secretariat’s safeguards findings and conclusions as provided in the Safeguards Implementation Report (SIR) and appreciates the Secretariat’s efforts that form the basis of those conclusions.  The SIR is an essential document in furtherance of the Agency’s verification mandate and in providing confidence to the international community as to the peaceful uses of atomic energy.

We particularly welcome the progress that has been made with respect to the wide acceptance and implementation of the Additional Protocol.  The number of countries in which the Additional Protocol is in force has now passed one hundred. The greater authorities granted by the Additional Protocol allow the Agency to draw a broader conclusion, which in turn enables both stronger assurances to the international community, and more efficient and effective safeguards.  We are pleased to note that the SIR indicates a broader conclusion for 52 states.

But the full benefit of all the efforts that have gone into promoting Additional Protocol adherence will not be realized until the Additional Protocol is universal.  We urge states that have not yet done so to join in this effort, and bring an Additional Protocol into force.

In this context, we note that the SIR indicates that 59 states with operative Small Quantities Protocols have yet to update them.  This process has gone slowly, and we urge those states to take the necessary steps to provide the Agency with the necessary authorities, in accordance with the Board’s recommendation of 2005.

Mr. Chairman,

The 2009 SIR reflects the transition to integrated safeguards. There is an increased emphasis on state-level information analysis and new, more efficient safeguards techniques.  Among these are advanced, more reliable surveillance, remote monitoring, and short notice and unannounced inspections.  Also increasing is the use of open source information and more effective information analysis.  The 2010 NPT Review Conference Final Document encourages an information-driven safeguards system that is more comprehensive, as well as more flexible and effective.  We thus commend the Agency’s emphasis on information-driven safeguards that more effectively utilize all-source information and strengthen safeguards implementation.  We have supported, and will continue to support, the development of these new techniques, and we are pleased to note technical progress in a number of areas, including sample analysis and evaluation times.

The SIR should identify how these new safeguards methods are being used, what problems are being experienced in implementing them, and how effective they are.  This SIR contains new tables on safeguards activities and costs.  We appreciate the Agency’s continuing efforts to increase the amount of information, including state-specific information, in the SIR.

For the most part, however, these tables reflect what is being done, rather than assessing how effective it is, or what technical goals are being achieved.  We welcome the new information provided regarding “state-specific objectives at the facility level,” but would also encourage the Agency to identify, either in the SIR or a separate document, what types of objectives these are and how well the Agency is performing in meeting them.  We would encourage the Agency to continue to develop ways of making integrated safeguards more effective and transparent.
Mr. Chairman,

We note with some concern statistics indicating decreases in available inspection manpower.  As the safeguards burden on the Agency continues to increase, we need to know that it has the resources to do its job, and that efficiencies are not coming at the expense of effectiveness.  The SIR needs to be able to make that connection clear.

In conclusion, Mr. Chairman, my government commends the Secretariat for its efforts in implementing safeguards and the high quality of the SIR.  We are pleased to take note of the SIR and authorize release of the Safeguards Statement for 2009 and of the Background to the Safeguards Statement.

Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman