Nuclear Waste

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, June 7-11, 2010 Agenda Item 3

Draft Safety Requirements: Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Ambassador Glyn Davies

Permanent Representative of the United States to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations Office in Vienna

Mr. Chairman,

The United States would like to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the work done by the Secretariat and take positive note of the contributions from Member States to this revision of a key Safety Requirements publication.

With the tremendous interest of many Member States in establishing nuclear power programs, the contents of Safety Requirements: Disposal of Radioactive Waste provide a companion regulatory regime to deal with the ultimate disposition of the wastes that accrue from the peaceful pursuit of the beneficial uses of nuclear applications.  The Safety Requirements document represents an efficient and updated combination of safety aspects relevant to all types of waste disposal facilities, e.g. borehole, intermediate depth, and mining and volume minerals processing waste.  For those aspects which are specific to these different types of waste disposal, the United States supports an accompanying suite of Safety Guides which will address the recommendations peculiar to each type of disposal regime.

Documents in the IAEA Safety Standards series are top-level documents and are not generally legally binding unless incorporated into a Member State’s own regulatory infrastructure or applied to Agency projects as provided for by the Statute.

The United Sates concurs in the establishment of the draft Safety Requirements publication as an Agency safety standard and in the authorization to the Director General to promulgate these Safety Requirements and publish them in the IAEA Safety Standards Series.