IAEA Membership Applications

Statement IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, September 13-17, 2010

Agenda Item 2
Applications for Membership of the Agency

U.S. Statement

Ambassador Glyn Davie

Mr. Chairman

I am pleased to join consensus in recommending that the General Conference accept the Kingdom of Swaziland as a new Member State of the Agency.

I would like to encourage the Kingdom of Swaziland to take full advantage of the benefits and services associated with IAEA membership.  In particular, I encourage it to seek the Secretariat’s assistance in adopting and implementing the highest standards of conduct while pursuing the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.  These standards include adopting a comprehensive safeguards agreement, an Additional Protocol, and the Code of Conduct for radioactive sources.  I am confident that the Secretariat will offer whatever assistance is necessary to the Kingdom of Swaziland to understand and implement these standards.

I would also like to encourage the Kingdom of Swaziland to take advantage of the Agency’s excellent programs that promote the peaceful uses of nuclear technology.  We are proud that the IAEA is one of the world’s premier sources of support in this area, as well as in nuclear safeguards, safety, and security.

Thank you.