Israeli Nuclear Capabilities: Explanation

Explanation of Vote – As delivered

Ambassador Glyn Davie

Mr. President,

For the reasons I cited before the vote, the United States is relieved and appreciative that the resolution just voted upon by the Conference was not adopted.  Underlying our reaction is our belief that rejection of the resolution has not created winners and losers, but instead preserved the opportunity for progress on objectives that I believe every delegation in this room supports, peace in the Middle East region, and with that peace, a Middle East region free of weapons of mass destruction.

We urge all states – those who voted for and those who voted against this resolution – to set aside the divisiveness that has defined this agenda item and begin working together to make true progress toward the shared objectives I just noted.   In rejecting this resolution, we have taken a step in that direction, but much work remains in the weeks and months ahead.

The United States stands ready, with renewed determination, to address what we know will remain extremely difficult issues.  But no matter how high the hurdles standing in the way of realizing peace in a WMD-free Middle East, those hurdles must, in the end, be overcome.  Today’s vote ensures that this Conference will not raise yet another hurdle.  With that in mind, and in that spirit, we all come out of this vote, this debate, and this process in a stronger position to pursue the noble goals we all share.

Thank you Mr. President.