Safeguards in the Middle East

U.S. Explanation of Vote IAEA General Conference

Ambassador Glyn Davies

Mr. President,

I regret to have to take the floor to explain the United States vote on this agenda item.  Unfortunately, the United States is once again compelled to abstain on this resolution in light of the fact that it was not put forward on a consensus basis.

Our vote reflects no change in the longstanding United States policy in favor of achieving the universality of the NPT.  The United States recently demonstrated its continuing commitment to the NPT regime by joining with so many others in this room to achieve a consensus outcome at the May, 2010 NPT Review conference, despite our deep reservations about certain elements of that outcome.

Instead, the United States abstention today on this resolution arises from our similarly deep belief that the only way forward toward peace in the Middle East region, and toward achieving the goal of a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, is through agreement among all states in the region.

Unfortunately, Mr. President, the United States does not believe that was the spirit in which this resolution was put forward to this Conference.

Thank you Mr. President.