IAEA Board of Governors on Programme and Budget

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting
July 31, 2013

Proposal by the Chair of the Working Group on the Programme and Budget and the TCF targets for 2014-2015

U.S. Statement 

Mr. Chairman,

The United States appreciates the vigorous and successful discussions on the Program and Budget and TCF Targets for 2014-2015.  We commend the efforts of the Chair and Member States to build consensus and demonstrated flexibility in compromise.  As we have previously stated, the United States has shown an unwavering commitment to supporting the full breadth of IAEA activities, not least of which include the TC program largely financed out of the Technical Cooperation Fund, even in the face of ongoing fiscal challenges.  Indeed, the United States has long been among the largest contributors annually to the TCF, and we strongly support efforts to promote peaceful uses.

The Chairman’s proposal is the result of compromise achieved as part of on-going discussions on how best to ensure that the IAEA has appropriate resources to perform its mission, taking into consideration the financial constraints facing many member states.  We join consensus understanding that the language in “GOV/2013/30/Rev1” does not prejudge or preclude informed Board deliberation and decisions on the Budget Update for 2015.  The text of the proposal is consistent with our ongoing efforts to support sound management of the IAEA’s resources, which will include careful examination of the proposed Regular Budget for 2015 when it is produced and continued support for the direction of TC activities on an equitable basis towards areas of greatest need.

We look forward to continuing to work with the Secretariat to assess its resource needs as well as identify areas for further cost savings, which will also serve to further strengthen the robust management health of the Agency.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.