Adoption of DPRK GC Resolution

Adoption of DPRK GC Resolution

IAEA General Conference

Robert Wood

Chargé d’Affaires

U.S. Mission to the IAEA

September 21, 2012


Mr. President,


With the unanimous adoption of this resolution on the DPRK, this session of the General Conference has sent a clear message that the international community continues to hold North Korea to its denuclearization obligations and commitments, and remains vigilant of North Korea’s nuclear activities which compromise the integrity of the global nonproliferation regime and seriously undermine the core objectives of this Conference.


The resolution reaffirms the central role of the IAEA in resolving North Korea’s nuclear issue, and reiterates that, contrary to its recent statements, North Korea cannot have the status of a nuclear weapon state, and that it must abandon all its nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs.  Furthermore, the resolution points to three key, concrete and positive actions North Korea must urgently take to address our collective concerns and restore international confidence:


  • North Korea must immediately cease all nuclear activities.  This clearly and unambiguously includes the DPRK’s uranium enrichment program and its light water reactor construction activities which are a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions 1718 and 1874, and the 2005 Joint Statement of the Six-Party Talks.


  • North Korea must allow the IAEA to establish a long-term presence to monitor and verify the cessation and abandonment of these activities.


  • In reexamining its nuclear policy as announced, North Korea should reevaluate the cost of continued deliberate defiance of its obligations and commitments.  In any nuclear policy review, North Korea should choose, instead, to reassert its firm commitment to denuclearization, and the 2005 Joint Statement of the Six-Party Talks, which is a critical element of peace and security on the Korean Peninsula of concern to the entire  international community.


Thank you, Mr. President.