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Celebrating UNVIE Women: Lorrie Hutchison
March 25, 2021

We continue our series to celebrate the accomplished and visionary women working at UNVIE with our Office Manager in IAEA Affairs Lorrie Hutchison. Lorrie answers questions about her work, what inspired her to take up this career path, and why it’s important to promote gender equality in government and in STEAM.

Describe your job / what you do?

I work as an office manager with the U.S. Mission to International Atomic Energy Agency. I provide administrative, technical, and logistical support to help promote U.S. policy and diplomacy.

How did you decide on this career path?

I have always had an interest in traveling, meeting people from different cultures and furthering diplomacy through cultural exchanges.

What is it like being a woman working in a STEAM field?

Women tend to be less represented in the STEAM fields, but I have started to see a shift and it is nice to be a part of this change.

Why is it important that women work in STEAM fields?

Diversity is always important in any field and having women opens the opportunity to different perspectives. Women have the same value and deserve a seat at the table.

How does the work you do help UN member states and improve the lives of people around the world?

U.S. Mission to the IAEA provides experts, supplies, and donations for various technical corporation and Nuclear science and application projects around the world, including over 50 countries to support efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the United States doing to promote gender equality in government and in STEAM?

I am part of the Federal Women’s committee that helps promotes career advancement and opportunities for women and promote. This group serves to eliminate barriers for women in government.