IAEA Board of Governors: Nuclear Science, Technology, and Applications: Nuclear Technology Review 2014

U.S. Statement as delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative Hushek

Mr. Chairman,
Please let me begin by thanking the Secretariat, in particular DDGs Bychkov

and Mohamad, for the thoughtful effort that has gone into preparing the Nuclear Technology Review 2014. The United States reaffirms its support for the Agency’s important work on both the power and non-power nuclear applications of nuclear energy described in the NTR. Nuclear power is a clean source of energy that can respond to increasing demands for electricity while limiting carbon emissions, as noted in Attachment One to the NTR.

The United States continues to strongly support the successful establishment of the IAEA LEU bank. We urge the Secretariat and Kazakhstan to continue working together to bring this project to fruition.

Mr. Chairman,
In addition to the NTR’s review of activities related to nuclear power, it also

summarizes developments in important non-power areas. Through the Peaceful Uses Initiative the United States is pleased to have supported many Agency non- power projects, such as those for the detection of toxins in seafood and the establishment of veterinary diagnostic laboratories in Africa, to name just two.

Mr. Chairman,
In reference to NTR Attachment Two on nuclear knowledge management, it

should be noted that the United States, through its nuclear agencies, national laboratories, and universities, has provided bilateral assistance to IAEA Member States in nuclear-related education and training. In 2013, over 114 persons from 46 other Member States participated in these programs administered by Argonne National Laboratory.

Mr. Chairman,
In conclusion, the United States encourages the IAEA to highlight its

important work promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in international fora, such as the upcoming Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Preparatory Committee meeting in New York. We also encourage other Member States to highlight the

Agency’s work on peaceful uses at that meeting and on all other appropriate occasions.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.