IAEA Board of Governors: Safeguards Agreements and Additional Protocols

The Conclusion of Safeguards Agreements and of Additional Protocols

U.S. Statement as delivered by Ambassador Macmanus

Thank you, Mr. Chairman,

The United States welcomes Laos’ decision to submit an Additional Protocol for Board approval and stands ready to work with the IAEA and other Member States to ensure that Laos receives any assistance it may need to bring this agreement into force and implement its provisions.

We also congratulate Antigua and Barbuda for bringing into force an Additional Protocol.  A comprehensive safeguards agreement, in combination with an Additional Protocol, is the norm for international safeguards implementation by the IAEA as a supermajority of non-nuclear weapon States Parties to the NPT are implementing them.  We urge all States Parties to the NPT that have not yet done so to bring both agreements into force as soon as possible.

The United States applauds the IAEA’s efforts to encourage and facilitate wider adherence to the safeguards system, including through its regional safeguards outreach events.  These efforts play a key role in building awareness of the importance of safeguards agreements and Additional Protocols for all states, even those with limited nuclear material and activities.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.