U.S. Statement to the IAEA Board of Governors: Third Amendment to the Agreement for Cooperation Between the Agency and the United States of America

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting

November 28-29, 2013


Agenda Item 5:


Third Amendment to the Agreement for Cooperation Between the Agency and the United States of America

U.S. Statement as delivered by Ambassador Macmanus


Mr. Chairman,


Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak on behalf of the proposed amendment to the existing U.S.-IAEA Agreement for Cooperation.  The initial agreement for cooperation between the United States and the Agency entered into force in 1959.  It was extended and amended in 1974 and further amended in 1980.  The United States and the Secretariat have negotiated a very brief amendment to the existing agreement.  The amendment makes only two changes.  First, it extends the agreement for an additional forty years.  Second, it updates the reference to INFCIRC/225 from Rev.1 to Rev.5, in conformity with the Board’s 2011 adoption of Rev.5.


Over the years, the primary purpose of this agreement has been to allow the United States to provide nuclear material to the IAEA and IAEA Member States through trilateral project and supply agreements.  This cooperation directly advances one of the Agency’s statutorily-mandated functions, to “act as an intermediary for…the supplying of materials, equipment, or facilities by one member of the Agency for another….”  This language is taken from Article III, Section A, paragraph 1 of the Agency’s Statute.  The United States takes pride in the fact that twenty-eight IAEA Member States have received material pursuant to this Agreement since its entry into force in 1959.


This proposed amendment is extremely short and simple, and its negotiators took care not to disturb the mechanisms that have worked effectively for decades to enhance cooperation as directed by the Agency’s Statute.


The United States remains committed to continuing its long record of partnership with the Agency and its Member States made possible through the agreement for cooperation.  We look forward to the Board’s approval of the proposed amendment to the agreement and its authorization of the Director General to sign it on behalf of the Agency.


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.