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IAEA Board of Governors Meeting – Agenda Item 3
U.S. Statement as Delivered under Agenda Item 3 of the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, September 12, 2022
September 12, 2022

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting – Agenda Item 3 – Medium Term Strategy for 2024 2029

U.S. statement as Delivered by Ambassador Laura S.H. Holgate
Vienna, Austria, September 12, 2022




The United States is pleased to welcome the proposed Medium Term Strategy for 2024 to 2029. We commend both the Secretariat and Ambassador Ruiz, as Chair of the Open-Ended Working Group, for their joint efforts to engage Member States during the seven meetings convened throughout this year. Under Ambassador Ruiz’s strong leadership, the working group produced a balanced final strategy document that will appropriately inform the Secretariat’s preparations over the next three budget cycles, as envisioned during the launch of this process. The briefings offered by the Secretariat were key to producing fruitful discussions in the working group on the progress of each IAEA Major Programs and its correlation to the current strategy.


The proposed Medium Term Strategy identifies cross-cutting strategic objectives that will be attained through a combination of the Agency’s six major programs. Such objectives reinforce the importance of interdepartmental coordination within the IAEA to promote programs and activities that are implemented in an effective and efficient manner. The United States stands ready to continue its strong support for the Agency’s activities pursuant to its mandate and as outlined in the proposed Medium Term Strategy. With these comments, the United States takes note of the proposed strategy for 2024-2029 (GOV/2022/37) with the understanding that it may be updated, if deemed necessary by the Board of Governors.


Thank you, Chair