IAEA Board of Governors: Ukraine

Ukrainian Request for the IAEA Director General Regarding Nuclear Security at Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants

U.S. Statement as delivered by Ambassador Macmanus

Mr. Chairman,

The United States has a keen interest in global nuclear security, as well as nuclear safety at all nuclear power plants, and we are very much aware of the potential consequences should sabotage or an attack occur at a nuclear power plant.  In such a case, we would anticipate that the Director General would discuss potential issues related to nuclear safety and security with the appropriate national authorities.  We support the IAEA’s work to promote and support nuclear security and safety around the world, and the United States reiterates the importance of maintaining and not undermining strong security measures at all nuclear facilities.  We support the continued work of the IAEA to fulfill its technical mission, as provided under the Agency’s statutory authority.

The United States strongly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and commends the current government’s efforts to seek a de-escalation of the current situation through direct dialogue and international observation and to bring peace and stability back to that country.  We reiterate the importance that all Member States in their actions contribute to a strong nuclear security environment worldwide and to avoid actions that destabilize it.

Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.