IAEA BoG – U.S. Statement on Strengthening the Agency’s Technical Cooperation Activities: Technical Cooperation Report for 2018

Statement on Agenda Item 3:  Strengthening the Agency’s Technical Cooperation Activities: Technical Cooperation Report for 2018.

U.S. Statement as delivered by Alternate Permanent Representative Keith Anderton

Vienna, June 10, 2019


Thank you, Madam Chair,

The United States thanks the IAEA for preparing the Technical Cooperation Report for 2018, which provides useful examples of how the Agency helps share the benefits of peaceful nuclear uses through cooperation.

The United States is the leading individual contributor, by far, to IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) activities. Since 2010, we have provided voluntary, extra-budgetary contributions totaling more than $378 million to promote peaceful nuclear activities through the Agency. This includes almost $200 million to the Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF). I’m also pleased to note that the United States reached and exceeded our $100 million Peaceful Uses Initiative milestone earlier this spring.

We have also provided significant in-kind contributions through training and direct technical assistance to the IAEA and its Member States. Our voluntary funding has contributed to TC projects and activities that help people around the world in concrete ways in fields as diverse as human and animal health, water resource management, public safety, nuclear power infrastructure development, patient and worker radiation safety, agricultural productivity, regulatory capacity-building, and food security.

We commend Member States that provided extrabudgetary resources in support of technical cooperation activities in 2018. We urge Member States to provide their TCF target shares and National Participation Costs on time and urge all Member States in a financial position to do so to contribute extrabudgetary resources through available IAEA voluntary funding mechanisms.

We were very pleased that the Nuclear Science and Technology Ministerial Conference in November 2018 highlighted many recent TC success stories and identified areas for further work, including by enhancing cooperation with relevant traditional and non-traditional partners. We encourage the Secretariat to take additional steps to raise awareness of the TCP and the benefits it brings to people around the world. We also encourage the Secretariat to continue to give appropriate attention to the needs of Least Developed Countries (LDCs), particularly in the development of the TCP for the 2020-2021 cycle.

The United States welcomes the Secretariat’s decision to refocus the work of the Division of the Program of Action for Cancer Therapy, or PACT, on comprehensive cancer control assessment, resource mobilization, and support for the development of strategic documents. We look forward to improved coordination among the Agency’s Departments of Technical Cooperation, Nuclear Sciences and Applications, and Nuclear Safety and Security on this important topic. We also look forward to the opportunity to raise awareness of the IAEA’s role in combatting cancer during the 2019 IAEA Scientific Forum.

Madam Chair,

With these comments, we join consensus in taking note of the TC Report for 2018 and request that it be transmitted to the General Conference, with modifications as necessary.

Thank you, Madam Chair.