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IAEA General Conference: U.S. Statement on the Approval of the Nuclear Security Resolution
September 25, 2020

IAEA General Conference 64, Agenda Item 15

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Committee of the Whole


U.S. Statement on the Approval of the Nuclear Security Resolution

As Delivered by Ambassador Jackie Wolcott


Mr. President,


The United States wishes to convey our thanks to you and to our European colleagues for shepherding this agenda item 15 through the revision process despite our limited ability to meet in person during the ongoing pandemic.  The approval of the nuclear security resolution in the Committee of the Whole reflects our shared commitment to continue upholding the highest levels of nuclear security, and our support to the IAEA in its efforts to continue providing nuclear security assistance to Member States in these challenging times.


In other circumstances, we would have liked to be more ambitious with this year’s resolution.  The IAEA hosted the third International Conference on Nuclear Security in February at the Ministerial level, demonstrating our collective commitment and the need for a continued focus on improving nuclear security globally.  The coronavirus pandemic demonstrated all too well the interconnected nature of our efforts, emphasizing the value of cooperation, of public confidence, and the general need to prepare for and respond effectively to security challenges.  We support this year’s approach to limited revisions, to protect the health of all of those who were not able to attend the General Conference as well as all of us here in Vienna, but we hope to better reflect our collective accomplishments and priorities through next year’s Nuclear Security Plan negotiations and the 65th General Conference resolution.  We look forward to working with you all to that next year.


The United States believes any threat against a nuclear facility that is part of a purely peaceful program, or against other civilian infrastructure, is unacceptable.


Thank you, Mr. President.