IAEA Nuclear Safety Review 2017

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting

March 06-10, 2017

Agenda Item 2(a)

Strengthening the Agency’s Activities Related
to Nuclear, Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety:
Nuclear Safety Review 2017

U.S. Statement as delivered by Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Andrew J. Schofer

Thank you, Mr. Chairman,

The United States takes this opportunity to thank the Director General and the Secretariat for their preparation of the Nuclear Safety Review 2017 as circulated to the Board of Governors in document GOV/2017/3. We note with satisfaction the progress that continues to be made in several key areas and commend the Secretariat for a comprehensive report that accurately describes the wide range of activities undertaken over the reporting period in accordance with the Agency’s mandate and the clearly defined priorities of Member States, as well as continuing trends and priorities into the future.

This year’s Nuclear Safety Review includes priorities consistent with the methodology described in document GC(60)/INF/11 – the Report by the Director General on Measures to Strengthen International Cooperation in Nuclear, Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety: Building on the Action Plan on Nuclear Safety.  In that context, we welcome in particular the Secretariat’s efforts to incorporate a more comprehensive view of Agency activities into the Safety Review and we urge the Secretariat to continue engaging with Member States to assess their priorities and to use this input to guide the Agency’s work. The delegation believes strongly that the trends, activities, and priorities described in the Safety Review are both appropriate and fully within the Secretariat’s statutory authority.

The Safety Review highlights the upcoming 7th Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS) as an opportunity “to raise awareness and promote adherence to the Joint Convention and develop similar activities to promote the CNS.” We commend the Agency’s efforts in support of effective implementation and we urge Contracting Parties to participate fully in the upcoming Review Meeting.

We applaud the creation of an internal Peer Review and Advisory Services Committee to identify ways to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of services offered by the IAEA. The United States calls on our fellow Member States to support the IAEA in this regard by sharing their collective experiences from hosting and participating in Agency peer review services. We also encourage Member States to request and participate in safety and security missions, as well as related follow-up missions.

My delegation notes the successful implementation of the IAEA’s Nuclear Safety and Security Online User Interface that offers users improved access to the safety standards and security guidance. The United States is proud to have supported the development of this system and we look forward to the Secretariat’s continued improvement efforts in response to feedback from Member States.

As the Safety Review notes, emergency exercises are an important tool for testing and improving Emergency Preparedness and Response arrangements. We are encouraged by the broad participation in the Agency’s Convention Exercises, and would like to highlight the importance of maintaining up-to-date Member State points of contact.

Finally, we urge the Agency to intensify its efforts in support of a global nuclear liability regime consistent with the International Expert Group on Nuclear Liability recommendations and we call upon our fellow Member States to join the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage.

Mr. Chairman, with these remarks we endorse the Agency’s recommendation that the Board of Governors consider and take note of the Nuclear Safety Review2017.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.