Job Opportunities with The United Nations and Other International Organizations

The U.S. Government encourages qualified U.S. citizens to apply for professional positions with the United Nations and other international organizations. While pursuing a rewarding and challenging career, international civil servants can make a difference by contributing their knowledge and skills to the needs of the world community. The U.S. Department of State assists Americans interested in such employment opportunities and makes every effort to promote American representation in these agencies.

Working with the UN

Please find more information on employment opportunities with the UN and other international organizations, including job-listings and job alerts, on a special website dedicated to career opportunities with international organizations. If you are interested in working with the UN in Vienna, make sure to regularly check the various Vienna based UN organizations’ websites.

Working with the State Department

For career opportunities with the State Department in general, please have a look at the State Department career portal.

For information on employment and internship opportunities with the U.S. diplomatic missions in Vienna both for U.S. citizens and foreign citizens, please visit the U.S. embassy Vienna employment pages.

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