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Statement from the President on NASA Day of Remembrance

The loss of the courageous crews from Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia was not in vain. As Americans, our unwavering commitment to continue their heroic journey is unparalleled in the history of human exploration. We will continue to move forward and reach for new heights. We will persevere. And by doing so, we will lead ...
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Press Statement by Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo for International Anticorruption Day

Press Statement Michael R. Pompeo Secretary of State Washington, DC December 7, 2018   Corruption facilitates transnational crime, fuels terrorism, obstructs economic growth and development, weakens the rule of law, and undermines democracy. Ultimately, it endangers our national security. That is why, as we look ahead to International Anticorruption Day on December 9, we pledge ...
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