NPT Roundtable: Japan Statement

Remarks by Ambassador Takeshi Nakane Chairperson, Main Committee III at the Roundtable Discussion on “The NPT Review Conference as Viewed from Vienna”

Thank you Ambassador Davies.

Let me begin by expressing my sincere gratitude to Ambassador Davies for organizing this Roundtable. This meeting provides us with a very valuable and timely opportunity to discuss issues relating to the upcoming NPT Review Conference. I am very pleased that Ambassador Susan Burk from Washington as well as DG Yukiya Amano of the IAEA were able to join us today. I would like to thank them both for their encouraging remarks.

It is envisaged that Main Committee III of the Review Conference, which I will chair, will be expected to address areas including, among other things, the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the importance of IAEA technical cooperation, nuclear safety including the maritime transport of nuclear materials, the assurance of nuclear fuel supply, and other provisions which will not be covered by the other Main Committees.

As the Chair of Main Committee III, I will make every effort to pursue substansive agreements on these important issues through inclusive discussions engaging all States Parties concerned.  For this, any inputs from States Parties or groups on these items would be highly appreciated. Main Committee III will focus on the issues dealt with mainly in Vienna. I am ready and willing to listen to the views and opinions of my colleagues here prior to the NPT Review Conference in New York.

In this regard, the G-10’s efforts in providing concrete language on Vienna issues for the upcoming NPT meeting in advance, are of great value. In this context, I would very much appreciate it if other Member States or groups could also develop ideas and proposals and share these with me at their earliest convenience.

With these remarks, I look forward to the fruitful discussions still to come during this meeting and to engaging in further constructive dialogue with you all in the coming months towards the success of the NPT Review Conference.

Thank you.