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On the Report of the Program and Budget Committee
United States statement under Agenda Item 4 of the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, June 7, 2022
June 7, 2022

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting, Agenda Item 4: Report of the Program and Budget Committee

U.S. statement as delivered by Ambassador Laura S.H. Holgate
Vienna, Austria, June 7, 2022

Thank you, Chair.

We are pleased to join consensus on approving the recommendations of the Program and Budget Committee, including the transmission to the General Conference for approval the resolutions contained in the Agency’s draft Budget Update for 2023. While the United States continues to maintain a policy of advocating for zero nominal growth for the budgets of international organizations, we have decided to support the proposed zero real growth budget for 2023, including its 1.7 percent price adjustment, so that the Agency is adequately funded to effectively carry out its key missions. The United States appreciates the open and transparent manner in which this draft Budget Update was prepared and presented to Member States, especially given the difficult circumstances in which we have operated over the past year.

We are also pleased to support, for the second year, the PBC’s recommendation to make public the 2021 Internal Audit, Management Services and Investigations Report. Continuing to make the report public demonstrates the intent of the Agency to operate in a transparent manner and in alignment with current best practices of sound financial and administrative management, and we look forward to further solidifying this practice.

Thank you, Chair.