PRESS RELEASE: Statement by Ambassador Jackie Wolcott on Safeguards Matters in Iran

U.S. Mission to International Organizations in Vienna
Vienna, Austria
November 7, 2019


Statement by Ambassador Jackie Wolcott on Safeguards Matters in Iran

We are deeply concerned about the two issues the IAEA reported in today’s special session of the Board of Governors.

First, the IAEA has detected evidence of potential undeclared nuclear material in Iran. Iran has no plausible explanation for the detected material and must explain where it came from and where it is now.

Second, last week Iran detained an inspector in Iran on IAEA business. The inspector is now safe, but Iran’s detention of this inspector was without question an outrageous and unwarranted act of intimidation.

The Acting Director General’s decision to call this special meeting to inform the Board of these matters reflects their urgency and gravity. The Board made clear its deep concern at Iran’s actions. It was firm in calling on Iran to immediately resolve all open issues and to afford inspectors the privileges and immunities to which they are entitled. It expressed full support for the IAEA and made clear its expectation to be kept fully informed of further developments regarding the issues brought to its attention today.

The United States reiterated its full support of the IAEA and noted that the issues discussed today go to the heart of Iran’s fundamental safeguards obligations – and indeed to its obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty – and warrant nothing less than Iran’s full and immediate cooperation.

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