Statement to the IAEA Board of Governors: Syria

Implementation of the NPT safeguards agreement in the Syrian Arab Republic

U.S. Statement as delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative Hushek

Thank you Mr. Chairman,

We thank the Director General for his remarks and for his continued efforts to resolve the long outstanding issue related to Syria.  Three years have passed since this Board found Syria to be in noncompliance with its NPT safeguards agreement, and during that time the Asad regime has failed to take the steps necessary to remedy its noncompliance and to address the international community’s deep and ongoing concerns regarding its clandestine nuclear activities.  Resolving these concerns remains essential and, to that end, Syria should immediately begin to engage substantively with the Agency and provide access to all relevant locations, materials, and persons, including the three sites suspected of having a functional relationship to the reactor at Dair Alzour.

The instability and violence the regime continues to perpetrate against the Syrian people is no excuse for the Asad regime’s failure to fulfill its international obligations.  Syria should grant the Agency access to relevant locations and individuals, in order to address outstanding questions regarding the true nature and scope of its nuclear program.

Until Syria fully cooperates with the Agency to resolve the international community’s concerns, the Board must remain seized of this matter, and should be prepared to consider further action if necessary.  We again thank the Director General for his continued attention to this issue and look forward to further reporting from the Director General, as appropriate.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.