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U.S. Statement – Agenda Item 7 – 62nd Session of the COPUOS Legal Subcommittee
As Prepared for U.S. Representative Emily Pierce, Vienna, Austria, March 23, 2023

U.S. Statement as Prepared for U.S. Representative Emily Pierce – Agenda Item 7 – National Legislation Relevant to the Peaceful Exploration and Use of Outer Space
Vienna, Austria, March 23, 2023


Thank you, Chair. The 2021 U.S. Space Priorities Framework notes that as space activities evolve, the norms rules, and principles that guide outer space activities also must evolve. In this regard, the United States supports a timely and responsive regulatory environment that exemplifies U.S. leadership in the responsible, peaceful, and sustainable exploration and use of outer space. Not least of all, U.S. regulations must provide clarity and certainty for the authorization and continuing supervision of non-governmental space activities, including for commercial activities, consistent with our international obligations under the 1967 Outer Space Treaty.


We continue to focus on efforts to ensure U.S national activities are conducted in accordance with international law. In particular, in September 2022, Vice President Kamala Harris, Chair of the U.S. National Space Council, requested U.S. departments and agencies to develop a proposal for the authorization and supervision of novel, in space commercial activities. U.S. departments and agencies have been actively engaged in this work for the past six months. We look forward to sharing with members of the Subcommittee a more detailed overview of this process in a technical presentation from Dr. Diane Howard, Director at the National Space Council, tomorrow, Friday, March 24 in the afternoon.


Thank you, Chair.


62nd Session of the COPUOS Legal Subcommittee – Agenda Item 7 – U.S. Statement – U.S. Representative Emily Pierce – March 2023 (PDF)