U.S. Statement at IAEA Program and Budget Committee Meeting: Agenda Item 2

U.S. Statement as delivered by U.S. Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Nicole Shampaine

Vienna, May 7, 2018


Thank you, Chair.

On behalf of the United States, I would like to express deep condolences on the passing our Sudanese colleague.

The fiscal health of the IAEA is integral to the well-being of its operations.   We were pleased to see that the 2017 Financial Statements, as well as the Report of the External Auditor, confirm the organization’s responsible stewardship of the resources that we all provide.  We commend the commitment of Member States to ensure the financial sustainability of the IAEA. 

Like other organizations inside the UN System, we recognize that the IAEA carries a long-term liability due to After-Service Health Insurance.  We understand that UN System organizations have revitalized their efforts to work together and are pleased that the IAEA will be cooperating on these initiatives.

We thank the Secretariat for its report on the Implementation of the Agency-wide Information System for Program Support (AIPS).  We note the conclusion in the report that “The AIPS project was the largest change management effort the Agency has ever undertaken ….”  We also note, with appreciation, that AIPS has enabled the Agency to conform to the International Public Sector Accounting Standards, and the apparent budget savings that have been realized in the Department of Management.  But we are similarly aware of a number of instances in which the migration to the AIPS platform has resulted in additional complication and delay in important Agency operations and in some cases has required Departments or Divisions to create their own programs that sit on top of AIPS to integrate information.  We welcome and look forward to supporting the Agency’s efforts to optimize the performance of AIPS and to make corrections where necessary to ensure the effective and efficient fulfillment of IAEA programs. 

We also wish to express our appreciation to the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia for its work in reviewing the organization’s financial statements.  The practice of audits, whether it be through the self-examination of an internal audit or the observations of an external audit, is vital to the smooth operations of every multilateral organization.  The documentation of follow-up to the audit recommendations is a portion of the report that always draws our interest. We thank the Director General and the Secretariat for their record of responsiveness to these reviews and encourage them to maintain that practice of accountability.

With these comments, we take note of the Financial Statements for 2017.

Thank you, Chair.