U.S. Statement to the IAEA Board of Governors: ‘Voluntary Offer’ Safeguards Agreement

U.S. Statement as delivered by U.S. Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Nicole Shampaine

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting

Agenda Item 6(a)

Vienna, June 6, 2018



The United States welcomes the United Kingdom’s conclusion of a “Voluntary Offer” safeguards agreement and Additional Protocol, and applauds the dedication of the United Kingdom to maintaining its international safeguards undertakings.

We urge states that have not fulfilled their obligation under the NPT to take steps to expedite the conclusion and entry into force of their comprehensive safeguards agreements without delay. We further call upon all states that have not yet done so to bring an Additional Protocol into force. The combination of a Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement and an Additional Protocol represents the de facto standard for achieving the safeguards objectives of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to provide assurances that all nuclear material is under safeguards. Where applicable, we also urge states to modify their Small Quantities Protocol or, if they have made the decision to construct a nuclear facility, to rescind their Small Quantities Protocol altogether.

Thank you, Chair.