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UNOOSA and SGAC Announce Winners of the 2nd Edition of Space4Youth Competition
September 8, 2020


U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center/Space Camp.
U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center/Space Camp.


VIENNA, 8 September 2020 (United Nations Information Service) —The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGCA) announced today the winners of the second Space4Youth Competition, that asked youth all over the world to provide their ideas and examples from their community to leverage space for Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action.

Around 400 young people from 70 countries registered to take part in the competition, a large increase from the first edition in 2019, which saw 130 participants from 40 countries.  Upon review of the essays submitted, eight finalists were selected, whose essays will be published on the Space4Youth competition page on the UNOOSA website.

From the eight finalists, three winners were selected:

  • Paola Ivanova, from Mexico, 28 years old: her essay focuses on how space technology can support biodiversity conservation in Mexico.
  • Satrio Wicaksono, from Indonesia, 31 years old: his essay focuses on leveraging satellites to address deforestation in Indonesia.
  • Tsz Long So, from China, 22 years old: his essay focuses on how space applications can help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in Hong Kong.

Thanks to the generous contribution of the U.S. Mission, winners will travel to the U.S. in 2021 to meet with representatives of the space industry and attend Adult Space Camp, organised by the University of Alabama, at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.  Winners will also have the chance to visit the Smithsonian Institute and other space facilities in Washington, D.C.

UNOOSA Director Simonetta Di Pippo said: “Through the Space4Youth competition, UNOOSA is leveraging the potential of young people worldwide to gather ideas on how to seize the opportunities provided by space to tackle what the United Nations Secretary-General called “the defining challenge of our time”: climate change. I was impressed by the submissions received and I have no doubt these young people will leave their mark on the space sector in years to come. We will continue to provide a platform for young people to have their voices heard for the future not only of the space field, but of our society as a whole”.

U.S. Ambassador Jackie Wolcott said: “U.S. support for UNOOSA’s Space4Youth initiative reflects our desire to share the exciting history — and future — of U.S. achievements in outer space, many of which are made possible through close cooperation with our international and commercial partners.”

SGAC Executive Director Davide Petrillo said: “SGAC is thrilled in continuing the collaboration with the UNOOSA on another excellent initiative that enables young people’s contributions as agents of change in the space sector. For the second edition of the Space4Youth competition, we have received an impressive number of applications, showing how the next generation wants to make a concrete contribution in tackling climate change challenges through space. We are proud to see the engagement of so many students and young professionals, we believe this is an important step forward in voicing the perspective of the next generation in the space sector around the world.”

The competition supports the implementation of the UN Youth Strategy, specifically its first priority: “Engagement, participation and advocacy to amplify youth voices for the promotion of a peaceful, just and sustainable world.”


Further information about the Space4Youth Competition is available at: https://www.unoosa.org/oosa/en/ourwork/space4youth/competition/2020/index.html

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