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The Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals
As a Member State, the United States is Proud to Support the IAEA and the Sustainable Development Goals
December 5, 2022

“The IAEA supports all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Nuclear energy itself is an important factor in decarbonizing the energy sector. Other non-power nuclear applications help to mitigate poverty, eliminate hunger, and provide clean water, affordable and clean energy, economic growth and industrial innovation. The IAEA is active in diagnosing and treating cancer, developing disease- and drought-resistant crops, and eliminating animal diseases using nuclear technology — by conducting research, and deploying technology and building capacity in Member States.”


Laura S.H. Holgate,  U.S. Ambassador to the Vienna Office of the United Nations

and to the International Atomic Energy Agency


“The promotion of peaceful nuclear technologies is at the heart of the IAEA’s mandate. We transfer technology and knowledge to some 145 countries and territories every year, which supports them in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.”


Rafael Mariano Grossi, IAEA Director General

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